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Research and development processes

Experimental details

We manufacture many experimental details, mainly gears with new types of teeth, for new engines implemented by Pratt & Whitney Canada and for testing in research and development works. In addition, we develop technological processes related to the production of parts for Pratt & Whitney East Hartford (PWA).

Collaboration with universities

We collaborate with 16 technical universities and scientific institutes in Poland.
Research Clubs are also under our patronage.

Our projects:
  • optimising traditional heat treatment processes (carburising in vacuum furnaces, hardening in protective atmosphere) and state-of-the-art processes (e.g induction hardening),
  • cutting-edge material joining methods (soldering, electron-beam welding),
  • automation of processes aimed at building smart production lines and manufacturing cells,
  • applying measurement probes and methods with a view to implementing the concept of an operator-independent machine (i.e. close door technology),
  • developing HSM technology (High Speed Machining) i.e high-performance mechanical treatment processes – mainly milling and turning,
  • research on LAM-type technologies (Laser-Assisted Machining) – in particular in relation to turning processes
  • reduction of the impact of our technologies on greenhouse gas emissions,
  • research on new metal plating methods,
  • development of innovative methods and solutions in the field of metrology.
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