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Plant 4

Plant 4 is the newest building in Pratt & Whitney Kalisz, put into use in 2016. The hall is equipped with a modern machinery park and automated production lines (close door technology). The team is working on parts for the innovative Purepower® PW1000 engine, which advanced technology minimizes the impact on the environment. The production hall was built in accordance with sustainable development guidelines. In June 2017, the project received the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate, which is earned by the buildings that are user and environment friendly.

4 production lines are managed by one management center. In addition, the hall is equipped with a modern hardening plant.
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  • 1 management center
  • 3 automatic production lines
  • 1 Heat Treatment
  • 1 maintenance and packaging


  • around 70 people in the crew


  • Bearing Housing
  • SMP (Small Machining Parts)


  • PW800
  • PW1000


Main machining processes:
  • turning
  • milling
  • drilling


  • Patch TEST
  • HT
  • soldering
  • solution treatment
  • ageing
  • annealing
  • vacuum carburising
  • gas quenching
  • oil quenching
  • deep-freeze treatment
  • low-temperature tempering
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