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Plant 2

The history of Plant No. 2 in PWK dates back to 2000 when the Aerotech Kalisz Company was founded and then in January 2004 transformed into Plant No. 2 Pratt & Whitney Kalisz. Plant No. 2 is the center of excellence in the production of steering devices and the manufacture of shafts. The main clients of the plant are PW units in Canada, USA and Rzeszów. The production of parts is carried out by modern machine tools.

In Plant 2. there are 7 production lines in total.
The team currently has over 300 people working in three faculties.


  • 3 management centres
  • 7 production lines
  • non-destructive testing (ndt) facility
  • oven soldering
  • laser cut


  • around 327 people in the crew


  • oil pump bodies
  • labyrinth sealing
  • steering devices
  • shafts


  • PT6
  • PW300
  • PW500
  • PW600
  • PW800
  • PW1000


Main machining processes:
  • turning
  • milling
  • grinding
  • drilling
  • slotting
New technologies are developed at the plant:
  • automatic EDM process
  • close door technology (5-axis turning and milling centre, centre-type grinder integrated with a robot)
  • high-speed balancing (HSB)


Custom processes:
  • deep drilling with the use of STS type heads (single tool system)
  • assembly of blades with frames with the use of silicone and polyurethane
  • hole honing
  • shaft straightening
Special processes:
  • soldering
  • solution treatment
  • ageing
  • balancing
  • non-destructive testing (STI, MPI, FPI)
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