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Plant 1

Gear Wheel Excellence Center – Plant 1. is the oldest production hall in Pratt & Whitney Kalisz.

The FDGS (Fan Drive Gears System) line joined in 2017 as another line in a group of specialized production lines, oriented in five departments. As a result, we are also a part of the program for producing the most modern engines used in the aviation industry – Pratt & Whitney Pure Power PW1100G.

Each of the production departments in the plant has separate control units as well as a management center in which planners, technologists, masters and manager are located. In total, Plant 1 has 11 production lines, a hardening line, a non-destructive testing facility, packaging and maintenance. Our team has about 500 people.


  • 4 management centres
  • 11 production lines
  • hardening department
  • non-destructive testing (ndt) facility
  • packaging
  • maintenance


  • around 500 people in the crew


  • gears
  • Skew bevel gears
  • oil pump gears
  • reduction gears
  • gearbox pinions
  • slotted levers and pins for transmission etc.


  • PW800
  • PW1000
  • PT6
  • PW100
  • PW200
  • PW600
  • PW900


Main machining processes:
  • turning
  • milling
  • grinding
  • drilling
  • slotting
  • dynamic balancing


Custom processes:
  • honing of gears
Special processes:
  • induction hardening
  • gas carburizing
  • oil quenching
  • deep-freeze treatment
  • low-temperature tempering
  • annealing
  • normalising
  • non-destructive testing (STI, MPI)
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