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What is ITC?
ITC (International Trade Compliance) is a system of control over the applicable rules that regulate trade in goods (so-called trade control). Regulations on trade control include restrictions imposed by individual countries on the physical and intangible trading of specific goods, technology and software. This may also apply to the provision of certain services related to controlled goods.
Arms and dual-use items, i.e. products that can be used both for civilian and military purposes, are especially under control. The full list of such goods is on the checklists that are in force in particular countries.

ITC in Pratt & Whitney Kalisz
At Pratt & Whitney Kalisz, we employ specialists who ensure that the company’s activities are fully compliant with applicable law. The trade control team also supports other employees in complying with these principles.
We build our systems and principles of control in a clear way, based on 4 basic questions:
What products / services are we dealing with?
Who can have the access to them?
Do we need a permit and has it been issued?
Has the relevant recording / registration been made?

We care about the compliance with applicable regulations, among others through the Internal Control System. The system is subjected to cyclic audits, which are carried out by certified bodies.
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