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About the company

The largest production plant in the aviation industry in greater poland voivodeship

At our plant in Kalisz more than 1,300 employees produce components and parts for aircraft engines for Pratt & Whitney – the world’s leader in supplying engines for business aircrafts, communication both local and intercontinental, and helicopters.

As a production center of excellence, we are the main supplier in the UTC group in three production areas:
  • complex gears,
  • steering devices,
  • engine main shafts.
We participate in the production of components for the new type of FGDS gearbox for the latest aircraft engine in Pratt & Whitney – PW 1000 Pure Power. These engines, characterized by exceptional technical parameters, drive among others Airbus A320 NEO.

Pratt & Whitney Kalisz exists since 1992. Its owner and main customer is Pratt & Whitney Canada, which currently employs over 10,000 employees in 200 countries.
Fun fact!

Pratt&Whitney Kalisz celebrated its 25th jubilee in 2017.

See our jubilee video.

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